Petition to Revoke Decision for an abused dog to be returned to its abusive owner

We, the undersigned members of BE KIND Advocate for the Animals, strongly urge the authorities to reconsider the decision made by the Animal Welfare Department of MACCE concerning the case of an abused dog.


On Friday 17th November, 2023, a video was circulated via social media of a dog being violently beaten by its owner inside an apartment complex. The dog was audibly shrieking in pain, which can be heard in the video, even from the opposite apartment complex. The neighbour who filmed the video, alleges this is not the first time they have witnessed the dog being beaten so ruthlessly. Last week, the dog was seized by the Seychelles Animal Welfare Department (under the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change & Environment) for a period of 7 days while the situation was investigated. The authorities are planning to return the dog to its owner next week, despite video evidence of physical abuse. Under the Seychelles’ Control and Protection of Dogs Act 2018, “a person shall not treat a dog cruelly by beating, kicking, torturing or otherwise mistreat any dog so as to cause unnecessary pain of suffering” and a person who commits such an offence “shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding SCR 50,000.”

The evidence of mistreatment, as seen in the circulating video, is deeply troubling. Despite the availability of a better alternative, the decision to return the dog to its abusive home raises serious concerns about the well-being of the animal.

Seychelles Pet Haven Society has generously offered to provide a safe and caring environment for the dog. This aligns with the principles outlined in the Dog Act 2018, which deems such actions as illegal and underscores the need to protect animals from cruelty.

We believe that there is no justifiable excuse to return this dog to an abusive home, especially in light of the legal framework in place to prevent such cruelty. The video evidence clearly indicates a violation of the law, and we collectively plea for the immediate revision of the decision.

By signing this petition, we request the transfer of the abused dog to Seychelles Pet Haven Society. Let us stand together to ensure that this innocent creature finds a loving home where he can recover from the trauma of abuse and no longer be subjected to violent beatings.

Thank you for joining us in advocating for justice and compassion.

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Nicole Saint Ange, BE KIND    Contact the author of the petition

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